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Judging Criteria

Judges of the elementary science fairs are asked to judge projects by the following criteria: 

Scientific Thought (30%)

Scientific experimental design is used for the project. Variables are clearly defined and information collected is accurate and complete. Conclusions reached are accurate. 

Creative Ability (30%)

Project is unique. Exhibit shows original thinking or a unique method or approach. Project demonstrates ideas arrived at by the child.

Understanding (10%)

The project explains what the student learned about the topic. References are listed.

Clarity (10%)

The information about the project is clearly organized and communicated.

Dramatic Value (10%)

Project board is well designed and constructed. Important ideas are emphasized. Project is visually appealing. 

Technical Skill (10%)

Student does majority of work and help received is acknowledged. Written materials show attention to grammar and spelling.

Helpful Hint:

The lab notebook is a critical part of the project. A quality lab notebook is as important as the information on the backboard. The SEFH web site at has excellent lab notebook guidelines.