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2021 Grand Award Winners:

Jesse A. Dorrington 2021 Grand Award
Life Science

Brandon Moree
Exploring an Alternative Method for Pipeline Leak Detection
Environmental Sciences
Clear Lake High School – Brenda Pinchbeck

Jesse A. Dorrington 2021 Grand Award Runner Up
Life Science

Melina Kumar
Reducing the Risk of Diabetes: A Novel Approach for the Development of a Sensitive Glucagon ELISA.
Biochemistry and Microbiology
Brookside Intermediate – Hilary Hernandez

Jesse A. Dorrington 2021 Grand Award

Ella Schreiter
A Wearable, Silent, Dynamic Device Controlled by a Conductor’s Movements
Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical
Brookside Intermediate School – Tammie LaBiche

Jesse A. Dorrington 2021 Grand Award Runner Up

Emmy Li
Highly Porous Materials for CO2 Capture – Adsorption and Desorption
Engineering:  Materials and Bioengineering
Clear Lake High School – Brenda Pinchbeck

iYar Fine Arts Award 2021
Sound Music through Science – Universal Peace through Music

Senior Division
David Corvaglia - What are the best materials for the sound dampening of various frequencies found on the violin? 
1. Emily Wang - The Strings behind Sound
2. Aaron Scott - The Prosthetic Percussionist

Junior Division
Ella Schreiter - A wearable, silent, dynamic device controlled by a Conductor's Movements
1. Alexander Gonzalez - Effect of Music on Memory
2. Lily Boyles - Musical Mind
3. Lilly Berger - Pitch Perfect
4. Emiliano Moreno - Which household objects block out most sound from different instruments?

CCISD 2021 District Science Fair
Secondary Winners

6th Grade Animal Science

1st, Violet Williams, Seabook IS
2nd, Anabella Wilems, Seabook IS
3rd, Jayden Hollan, Brookside IS
HM, Carys Markiewicz, Seabook IS
HM, Secilia Murray, Seabook IS
HM, Elaine Tarrien, Seabook IS

Junior Animal Science

1st, Kennedi Penn, Brookside IS
2nd, Christina Smith, Seabrook IS
2nd, Damon Sandifer , Seabrook IS
3rd, Addison Woodby, Brookside IS
4th, Shreya Ganguli, Brookside IS
5th, Gauge Kirby, Brookside IS
HM, Hannah Hill, Seabrook IS

Senior Animal Science

1st , Varun Balaji, CLHS
2nd, Gabriella Hill, CFHS
3rd, Eris Dao, CBHS
HM, Michael Buerstinghaus, CLHS
HM, Christian Sallese, CSHS

6th Grade Behavioral and Social Sciences

1st, Alexander Gonzalez, Seabook IS
2nd, Marvy Gaied, Brookside IS
3rd, Sophia Machann, Seabook IS
4th, Charish Cortez, Seabook IS
5th, Diya Patel, League City IS
HM, Aania Momin, Seabook IS

Junior Behavioral and Social Sciences

1st, Lily Berger, Seabrook IS
2nd, Anna Mulder, Seabrook IS
3rd, Mikennah Baudains , Seabrook IS
4th, Katerina Lara, Brookside IS
5th, Christian White, Brookside IS
HM, Eva Haneveld, Seabrook IS
HM, Izyan Maredia, League City IS
HM, Paola Lopez,Seabrook IS
HM, Lily Boyles, Seabrook IS

Senior Behavioral and Social Sciences

1st, Mielad Ziaee, Muhammad Zain, CBHS
1st, Muhammad Zain, Mielad Ziaee, CBHS
2nd, Misbah Aziz, Zahra Virani, CBHS
2nd, Zahra Virani, Misbah Aziz, CBHS
3rd, Helen Jiang, Catherine Nguyen, CBHS
3rd, Catherine Nguyen, Helen Jiang, CBHS

6th Grade Biochemistry/Microbiology

1st, Madison Groves, Brookside IS
2nd, Drew Caldwell, Seabook IS
3rd, Briley Grimm, Seabook IS
4th, Kamdon Atkins, Brookside IS
5th, Sophia Rhodes, Seabook IS

Junior Biochemistry/Microbiology

1st, Melina Kumar, Brookside IS
2nd, Abhinav Panthi, Brookside IS
3rd, Samuel Sweeley, Seabrook IS 


Senior Biochemistry/Microbiology

1st, Roshni Chikhliwala, CCHS
2nd, Ashwini Patil, CLHS
3rd, Emma Tran, CBHS
4th, Oluwadamilola Ogunkunle, CFHS
5th, Ryan Lorente, CFHS
HM, Joanne Tran, Vincent Tran, CBHS
HM, Vincent Tran, Joanne Tran, CBHS

6th Grade Chemistry

1st, Olivia Fox, Seabook IS
2nd, Madelyn Rodriguez, Seabook IS
3rd, Ella Denmon , Seabook IS
HM, Taylor Blazine, Brookside IS

Junior Chemistry

1st, Jonathan Zwart, Westbrook IS
2nd, Kayce Clifton, Brookside IS
3rd, Hailey Massouh, Brookside IS
4th, Daniella Tedross, Brookside IS
5th, Sergio Petro, Seabrook IS
HM, Alex Buerstinghaus, Seabrook IS

Senior Chemistry

1st, Brindy Grimm, CFHS

6th Grade Computer Science

1st, Zachary Locklin, Seabook IS
2nd, Evan Gerty, Brookside IS

Junior Computer Science

1st, Francisco Delgado Jr,Seabrook IS
2nd, Halen Saenz , Seabrook IS
3rd, Emily Chin, League City IS

Senior Computer Science

1st, Raaghav Kavuri, CLHS
2nd, Anna Pinchen, CBHS
3rd, Sarvesh Subramanian, CBHS

6th Grade Earth and Space Science

1st, Esah Hussaini, Brookside IS
2nd, Vinay Bhuriya, Westbrook IS
3rd, Braden Rayburn, Seabook IS
4th, Cole Griffin Jr, Seabook IS
5th, Corbin Pope, Seabook IS

Junior Earth and Space Science

1st, Andres Rodriguez, Bayside IS
2nd, Ingrid Cates, Seabrook IS
3rd, Sean Morales, Brookside IS
4th, Rylan Smith, Brookside IS
5th, Kyla Dang, Brookside IS

Senior Earth and Space Science

1st, Pratishtha Sharma, CHECHS

6th Grade Energy and Transportation

1st, Ishaan Bhatt, League City IS
2nd, Adam Penney Seabrook IS
3rd, Evelynn Yasensky, Westbrook IS
4th, Melania Pruneda, Seabook IS
5th, Samantha Cassady, Seabook IS

Junior Energy and Transportation

1st, Ronit Punj, Seabrook IS
2nd, Andrew Hibbetts, Seabrook IS
3rd, Sanjana Prabhu, League City IS
4th, Jasmine Flores, Brookside IS
5th, Samantha Kelling, Westbrook IS

Senior Energy and Transportation

1st, Saumya Dwivedi, Sahana Ganapathy, CSHS

6th Grade Engineering: Aerospace

1st, Daniel Gardner, Westbrook IS
2nd, Ivelisse Pena, Seabook IS
3rd, Arya Mabood, Seabook IS

Junior Engineering: Aerospace

1st, Rhea Wadhwa, Seabrook IS
2nd, Mary Antkowiak, Brookside IS
3rd, Aaron Mathews, Brookside IS
4th, Sara Michael, Seabrook IS
5th, Gabriel Tacheny, Seabrook IS
HM, Auyush Ganapathy, Brookside IS

6th Grade Engineering: Chemical

1st, Grace Banuelos, Seabook IS
2nd, Kate Tarpley, Seabook IS
HM, Alexis Hughes, Seabook IS

Junior Engineering: Chemical

1st, Lily Lucio Seabrook, IS

6th Grade Engineering: Electrical/Mechanical

1st, Antonio Volpe, Brookside IS
2nd, Adam Applewhite, Seabook IS
3rd, Aman Wairkar, League City IS
4th, Bruno Caldwell, Seabook IS

Junior Engineering: Electrical/Mechanical

1st, Ella Schreiter, Brookside IS
2nd, Casey Nguyen, Brookside IS
3rd, Searlait Brandon, Brookside IS
4th, Liam Platt, Brookside IS
5th, Bushra Paracha, Brookside IS
HM, Hannah Radford, Brookside IS
HM, Maya Trevino, Seabrook IS
HM, Samantha Hutt, Seabrook IS


Senior Engineering: Electrical/Mechanical

1st, Nathaniel Parker, CBHS
2nd, Arjun Bhatt, CLHS
3rd, Peter Geppert, CFHS
4th, Alexander Colling, CFHS
5th, Emily Wang, CCHS
HM, Jayson Babanto, CBHS
HM, Aaron Scott, CSHS

6th Grade Engineering: Materials and Bioengineering

1st, Avery McGee, Seabook IS
2nd, Elise Gano, Seabook IS
3rd, Emma Van Wagener, Seabook IS

Junior Engineering: Materials and Bioengineering

1st , Aiden Torstrick, Seabrook IS
2nd, Will Collura, Seabrook IS
3rd, Gibson Vu, Brookside IS
4th, Dyson Nevels, Brookside IS

Senior Engineering: Materials and Bioengineering

1st, Emmy Li, CLHS
2nd, Mariana Rodriguez, Zoà Marks, Rebecca Lorente, CFHS

6th Grade Environmental Science

1st, Berlin Rosenbaum, Seabook IS
2nd, Iris Hilliard, Brookside IS
3rd, Elizabeth Shaw, Westbrook IS
4th, Kaleb Kouches, Brookside IS
5th, Kadence Pruitt, Brookside IS
HM, Sofia Martinez, Seabook IS
HM, Tenley Mayes, Seabook IS

Junior Environmental Sciences

 1st, Monica Torres, Brookside IS
2nd, Aylin Lopez, Brookside IS
3rd, Lucinda Canales, Brookside IS
4th, Ploypailin Cheawchan, Seabrook IS
HM, Natalie Nickell, Brookside IS
HM, Rachel Birge Seabrook IS

Senior Environmental Sciences

1st, Brandon Moree, CLHS
2nd, Allen Shen, Nila Saminathan, CLHS
2nd, Nila Saminathan, Allen Shen, CLHS
3rd, Roderick Lorente, CFHS
4th, Grace Zhou, CSHS
5th, Chelsey Nguyen, CSHS
HM, Evelyn Tran, CBHS
HM, Aarthi Kukaruban, CLHS

6th Grade Mathematics

1st, Jonathan Garcia, Seabook IS
2nd, Kaavya Rajarathnam, League City IS
3rd, Madison Johnson, Brookside IS
4th, Vidya Sofia Solano Khatri, Westbrook IS

Junior Mathematics

1st, Jacen Trinta, Seabrook IS
2nd, Riley Dunegan, Seabrook IS
3rd, Gideon Morgan, Seabrook IS
4th, Eli Loudermilk, Seabrook IS

Senior Mathematics

1st, Thomas Creedon, CCHS
2nd, Jason Nguyen, CLHS
3rd, Eliza Hoffman, CSHS
4th, Evan Vu, CLHS
HM, Nadia Siddiqi, CLHS

6th Grade Medicine and Health

1st, Kathryn Penton, Seabook IS
2nd, Kimiya Hadaegh, Seabook IS
3rd, Abigail Cockerham, Brookside IS
4th, Ansley Brack-Stout, Brookside IS
5th, Alessandra Lopez, Brookside IS
HM, Camden Ellis, Brookside IS

Junior Medicine and Health

1st, Saige Goodsell, Brookside IS
2nd, Areebah Khan, Seabrook IS
3rd, Matthew Kuruvilla, Seabrook IS
HM, Akhil Rajarathnam, League City IS

Senior Medicine and Health

1st, Janani Murugan, CBHS
2nd, Sarah Root, CLHS
3rd, Rhea Khettry, CFHS
4th, Lilly Johnson, CBHS
5th, Emily Davidson, CCHS

6th Grade Physics and Astronomy

1st, Caroline Kauffman, Brookside IS
2nd, Dexter Benz, Seabook IS
3rd, Liam Trevino, League City IS
4th, Jemma Creech, Brookside IS
5th, Skylar Cummings, Brookside IS
HM, Kendall Thomas, Brookside IS

Junior Physics and Astronomy

1st, Lisle Oetting, Seabrook IS
2nd, Jason Beyers, Seabrook IS
3rd, Anna Longacre, Brookside IS
4th, Lily Koss, Brookside IS
5th, Ian Wong, Seabrook IS
HM, Christopher Adams, Seabrook IS
HM, Sofia Crudo, Brookside IS
HM, Sophia Hirsch, Brookside IS
HM, Emiliano Moreno, Brookside IS


6th Grade Plant Sciences

1st, Julie Stephens, Seabook IS
2nd, Dylan Stearns, Seabook IS
3rd, Wesley Archer, Brookside IS
4th, Cameron Kitching, Seabook IS

Junior Plant Sciences

1st, Richard Iyun, Seabrook IS
2nd, Joey Patrolia, Bayside IS
3rd, Vallika Bhatia, League City IS
4th, Lauryn High, Brookside IS
HM, Dhairya Viramgama, League City IS
HM, Revathi Machineni, Seabrook IS

Senior Plant Sciences

1st, Ananya Kamath, CLHS
2nd, Richa Shah, CLHS

Junior Robotics and Intelligent Design

1st, Megan Wang, Brookside IS
2nd, Anna Berrones, Brookside IS

Senior Robotics and Intelligent Design

1st, Rishi Bengani, Nathan Lee, CBHS
1st, Nathan Lee, Rishi Bengani, CBHS
2nd, Rebecca Wiley, CLHS
3rd, Piper McCourt, CSHS

13 Year Science Fair Participants 

Rachel Passantina CCHS
Joelliance Langevine CLKS
Anna Pinchen CBHS
Muhammad Zain CBHS
Melvin Briscoe IV CCHS

12 Year Science Fair Participants

Jonah Briscoe CCHS

Nathanael Colling CFHS

Christina Colocado CSHS

Aaron Scott CSHS

Ananya Kamath CLHS

Christian Sallese CSHS

Gabriella Hill CFHS

Lilly Johnson CBHS

Mariana Rodriguez CFHS

Pratishtha Sharma CHECHS

Rebecca Wiley CLHS

Richa Shah CLHS

Arjun Bhatt