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iYar Fine Arts Award 2021
Sound Music through Science – Universal Peace through Music

Elementary Division
The Shruti Laya Award

Logan Toshchlog, Bauerschlag
Bonnie Stewart, Stewart
Andrew Whirley, Falcon Pass 

CCISD 2021 District Science Fair
Elementary Winners

5th Grade Biological Science

1st Sydney Bergman, Parr- Hand Cleaning
2nd Audrey Tremont, Brookwood - Does Dog Saliva Kill Germs?
3rd Kenlon Sommer, Robinson - Density of Old Fruits and Veggies
4th Sydney Johnson, Brookwood - Tasty Taste-A-Thon
5th Marissa  Yancy,  Ross - Get a Handle on Bacteria
HM Kohen Burse,  Ferguson - The Food Concern
HM Sophia Escobedo,  Hyde - Unmasking the Growth of Bacteria
HM Ayden  Grub,  League City - They Look Just Like You
HM Olivia  Harman,  Hall - Germs... Where Are They?
HM Alyssa Hoth,  Ferguson - Science Project 2020-Hoth
HM Mikayla  Porterfield,  McWhirter - DNA extracted: Discovering DNA In Fruit

5th Grade Consumer Science

1st  Czarina Batore, Bauerschlag - Disinfecting Wipes
2nd Elouise Reyes,  Bay - Mouthwash as Bacteria Control
3rd Om Shelar, Brookwood - Red Light Green Light
4th Kyle Hegemeir, Gilmore - Strength testing utility tape
5th Charley Prior, Robinson - Whiter and Wider Smile
HM Kacey Anderson, Hyde - Hand Sanitizer vs. Hand Soap
HM Luke  Coronado, Mossman - It's Gotta Be the Ball!
HM Caleb Lutz, Hyde - Glue Stick vs. Tape
HM Piper Simms, Brookwood - Don't Spoil My Lunch
HM Aubree Svaboda, Gilmore - Mask Up or Blow Out

5th Grade Earth/Space Science

1st        Gabriel Samper, Stewart -  Melting Rocks: The Science Behind Sinkholes
2nd       Benjamin Garr, Hall - Crystal Creations
3rd        Kirin Reddington, Ed White - Don't Pressure Drones on Mars
4th        Charlie Hutt, Robinson - What Leached Into the Water By Rocks?
5th        Kenny Thomas, Gilmore - Tornado in a Box  
HM       Cameryn Lee, Whitcomb  -  Growing Vegetables
HM        Julian Oetting, Falcon Pass   -   How Local Can Weather Be?

5th Grade Engineering

1st Peter Righter, Ward - What is the strongest bridge structure?
2nd Shreyas Bishnu, Brookwood - Surveillance Safety System
3rd Matthew Witte, Clear Lake City - Hover Board
4th Casey  Small, Robinson - Effects of Weight Placement on Hull Drag
5th Matthew Schladenhauffen, Landolt - Sorting Legos
HM Isabella Canales, Bay - Egg Drop Science Fair
HM Nathaniel Decker, Bauerschlag - When Do I Need To Feed My Dog?
HM Benicio Valenzuela, Parr  - THE CLAW
HM Trinity Zimmerman, Bay - Does Ethanol Fuel Burn Cleaner Than Pump Gas In A Sports Car?

5th Grade Mathematics

1st         Owen Steagall, Brookwood   -   Coin Collectors Conundrum
2nd       Alia Bauer, Bauerschlag   -   Estimating Pi with Toothpicks
3rd        Tlaloc Cortez, McWhirter   -   Plane Flight Airfoil
4th        Nicholas  McLeod   -   Important NBA Statistics for Winning
5th        Wiley Roberts, Ward   -   Why Wind Up?
HM       Natalie Huynh, Gilmore   -   Juice Box Geometry

5th Grade Physical Science

1st Collin Barringer, Hyde - Thermal Battery
2nd Jishnu Jojo, Ross - Experimenting with Chromatography
3rd Emily Zwart, Falcon Pass  - Does the Weight and the Blade Angle Affect How Fast a Fan Blade Spins?
4th Andrew Whirley, Falcon Pass - How Does the Construction of a Piano Affect Its Sound?
5th Preston Wiggins, Wedgewood - Making an Electromagnet
HM Evie Burnett, Brookwood - Oh No! Melting Ice Cream!
HM Alton Gann, Ward - How Heat Affects Neodymium and Samarium Magnets
HM Mallory Lindquist,  Parr  - Iron In Cereal
HM Adarra Vanderford, Mossman - Hot Texas Attics!

4th Grade Biological Science

1st Amelia Schroeder, Brookwood - A Look at the Diversity of Micro-Organisms in...
2nd Kellan Sterns, Ferguson - Smokin' the radishes
3rd Dylan Diduck,  Ed White - How Hot is Hot?
4th Paul Kuruvilla, Mossman - Go Bananas!
5th Laken Haskett, Gilmore - Native Texas Seed Experiment
HM Bryson Cavazos, Bay - Video Games: Heart Healthy or Harmful?
HM Grayce Choi, Brookwood - Dogs vs. Humans: Whose Mouth is Cleaner
HM Colson Jackson,  Gilmore - How Exercise Affects Blood Sugar?

4th Grade Consumer Science

1st        Sterling Long, Ferguson   -  Play Ball
2nd       Nesandi Jaualath, North Pointe   -   KETCHUP WASTE REDUCTION
3rd        Joshua Knowles, Brookwood    -    Best Pop For Your Buck
4th        Straton Bass, Parr    -    America's Favorite Pastime
5th        Rylan McCormick, Hall    -    THe Great Popcorn Experiment

4th Grade Earth/Space Science

1st Dylan Gohmert, Hall - Why Does the Shadow on the Moon Change?
2nd Zahra Dhilawala , Ward - Abundant or Not? Watching Birds in Urban Parks
3rd Abdurrahman Ahmed, North Pointe - Measuring the Effectiveness of Solar energy at Different Times of Day
4th Emma Jenkins, GoForth - Keep it Cool 
5th Luke Porterfield, McWhirter - Finding the Sweet Spot
HM Aaron Lutz, Hyde - Laminar vs Turbulent Flow

4th Grade Engineering

1st Nolan Covington, Hall - Houston We Have a Problem
2nd Steele DeLeon, McWhirter - Designing a Web Shooter
3rd Scarlett Sapp, Ferguson - What Material Makes a Better Sail
4th Roshan Kirumakki, Landolt - Water Desalination
5th Sam Dockery, Mossman - Leaking Water Bottles
HM Trystan Cowardin,  Bay - SAVE THE EGG! What Material Works Best as a Parachute?
HM Dax Dowell, Robinson - A Flying Car-An Engineering Design Process
HM Mason Smith, Gilmore - Ping Pong Practice

4th Grade Mathematics

1st         Kaya Boyd, Gilmore    -   Do Holiday Gatherings Affect the Spread of Covid-19
2nd       Isabella Morales, Whitcomb   -   Strong Bridges
3rd        Lucille Crawford   -   Probability of Orange

4th Grade Physical Science

1st Ashton Leach, Campbell - The Fly Away Ball
2nd Paige Garcia, Brookwood - Hot vs. Cold
3rd Olivia Gano, Mossman - It's Tea Time
4th Christopher Zenter, North Pointe - Finding a Bat’s Sweet Spot
5th Amelia Gault, Ward - Freezing Liquids
HM Brendan Dadd, Hyde - Bouncing Tennis Balls
HM Camille Harris, Hyde - Shock Rock
HM Darshan Kirumakki, Landolt - What Materials can Block a Wifi Signal?

Elementary Science Best in Category

Biological Science
Gold: Sydney Bergman
Silver:  Amelia Schroeder
Bronze:  Audrey Tremont

Consumer Science
Gold:  Czarina Batore
Silver:  Sterling Long
Bronze:  Nesandi Jayalath

Earth & Space Science
Gold:  Dylan Gohmert
Silver:  Gabriel Samper
Bronze:  Benjamin Garr

Gold:  Peter Righter
Silver:  Nolan Covington
Bronze: Shreyas Bishnu

Gold:  Owen Steagall
Silver:  Alia Bauer
Bronze:  Kaya Boyd

Physical Science
Gold:  Ashton Leach
Silver:  Jishnu Jojo
Bronze:  Collin Barringer